Our Team

Our team makes sure that your summer will be the unforgetable experience and adventure. All of us are experienced animators with passion and we try to install the same passion into every animator joining our team. This process helps us to ensure our vision of running a successful entertainment company comes to fruition.


Adrian Beblo

Ian Roberts

Kostas Grammatikas

Peter Kowalski

Danielle Gregory

Are you a hotelier?

The purpose of travel agencies and hotels is not only to provide quality services, but also to… make money! The purpose of entertainment and leisure-time animation is to increase the net profits of travel agencies and hotels! Bingo! This is what it’s all about. But animators can affect the brand image, marketing, public relations, as well as building customer loyalty and multiple returns on investment, they must be trained animators, talented and carefully selected. Just like LIONS entertainers are!


Our Partners

We are proud that the some of the best hotels in Greece are choosing Lions Entertainment and our animators to enrich their guests' holiday experience.


On behalf of all of us here at Sonia Village Resort,we would like to thank our partners from Lions Entertainment for the excellent cooperation during all these years!!!Best regards Margaritis -Georgia & Sonia Village Team!

Sonia Village Resort

Upcoming Events

Learn where and when you can meet with us, or see our animators in live performances.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Season 2017 OPEN

Season 2017 OPEN